Friday, February 13, 2009

Please pray

I wanted to post a specific prayer request for those of you who do know, and some who might not, the Green family. Harris was our RUF intern at UT while I was an undergraduate student. He married Lisa, a friend I met through RUF at UT. They just had baby #5 less than a month ago, and about a week ago found out their 3-year-old son has leukemia. They have set up a caring bridge site, so if you know them or just feel the Lord calling you to pray for them you can check this site and read what specifically they are asking for in prayer
My heart has been so heavy and sad for them. I know I posted last year about another college friend's little boy's battle with cancer, so after that shock now here is another one. I know God's truths and promises, but yet the human side of me still knows the pain and heartache for these families is there and real, and makes me want to question why another friend must endure this journey. In the post from last night the mom, Lisa, quoted Jesus "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33
She writes she knows the Lord is with them, admist all the pain and uncertainity. Which isn't that really all any of us have to cling to as we and those around endure hardships and trials. He is our hope, our strength, all that we have to cling to in this life. If nothing else I know I so need to be reminded of this every minute of every day! So please keep this sweet family in your prayers.

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