Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentine's to Remember!

This was definitely a Valentine's Day to remember for sure! As usual I have hardly any new pictures, between STILL working on this house (organizing and such), taking care of 2 little ones, laundry, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc., etc. well, I still can't seem to complete all my "ready to be organized" list! Then it doesn't help when we STILL continue to have plumbing issues with this house. So I question were we unwise in choosing this one in the big 2 weeks we had to find a house??!!! Who knows, I just know the Lord is testing us to be sustained by Him and to trust He knows what is best for us---even if that means the continual stress of household issues. We had some sweet friends offer to babysit for us so we could have a night out this Valentine weekend. But at around 4:30 in the afternoon a pipe burst under the kitchen sink and water was spraying everywhere, hot water that is! So once we called the landlord and found out where the main valve was to shut it off, well, needless to say we had no hot water until later yesterday when the plumber finally came. I, of course, still had not had a shower and had worked out that morning. So fun times for I stood in freezing ice cold water to briefly wash (take your breathe away water may I add)! And then I decided I couldn't handle washing my hair in there so I did that bending over the bathtub---as quick as I could since by the second my hands were numbing. But we managed to get it all together, get ready and dressed and out we went! Of course we totally forgot to make reservations earlier in the week---we seem to be so swamped lately we can't keep much straight. So most places were 1 1/2 to 2 hours of waiting, and by 8pm who wants to eat a heavy meal at 10:00! So Schloesky's deli was our meal, then browsing in a bookstore, and dessert at Applebees before heading home. It was a sweet night out just the 2 of us, no matter what we did or where we went. Unfortunately, we don't do date nights often enough. With no family in town, and limited funds for babysitters, well, what option do you have. So when we finally get around to having one it is all the more special just to be alone and have real connecting conversation!
The roses my sweet husband brought home Friday afternoon. I love seeing them sitting on our dinning room table!
Above is Reed making Casey a Valentine card this year, and below is him giving Casey his card last year. Wow, what a difference and how much he's changed! My baby boy is getting so big!!


  1. i love reading your blog erica!!!! i am praying for you and your sweet family. the Lord has purpose in everything... continue to be joyful and give thanks in ALL circumstances... love you and miss yoU!

    Alex "Dixon" Casabella

  2. I'm so sorry y'all have had such a hard time with plumbing! It's hard enough to move with two babies and being pregnant when everything goes perfectly, so plumbing adds a whole new level of hard:( Glad y'all got to have a break! Also, we will be praying for Harris' family. I had no idea. I never knew him well since he was older than us but I remember him.