Tuesday, February 24, 2009

9 Months and on the Move!!

Posing with big brother Reed before church.
Last Friday (February 20th) Emery-Claire turned 9 months old! She is becoming so much more active and mobile these days.
Well, it seems to be official.....our girl has decided to get on the move! Unlike her brother she is doing it all a month later---but she does seem to be more calmer than he (which is fine by me since in another 5 1/2 months we'll have another baby---whoo!) She is not quite an all 4's crawler, but seems to be an army crawler. And has definitely turned into a wiggle worm these days--wanting to be constantly on the floor! And tonight she was even trying to pull up on the laundry basket--oh yikes! She still loves her brother, he always makes her smile! She loves her sing stage--and is so proud of herself that she can operate some of the buttons now. She seems to be a slightly more picky eater than her brother, preferring more fruits than veggies (so we seem to always have to mix them together--which will probably be the source of greater problems down the road I'm sure). She loves eating puffs--and does very well feeding them to herself, as long as she doesn't stuff too many in her mouth at one time! She is a bread and muffin eater too, loves the carbs! She continues to become more and more vocal--lots of vocalizing while playing, and saying so many sounds now ("mama", "dada", "bububu", etc.). We love you Emery-Claire, you are our sweet, sweet girl and we are so thankful for you and the joy you bring to us each and every day!
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  1. oh my! crawling and pulling up, i guess that will be nice when baby numero tres is here. And when do you find out what your having?
    if its any consolation, Ruby started crawling at 11 months, or there a bouts.