Saturday, June 20, 2009

13 months and 1 month to go!

I can't say we've been so busy around here that I haven't been able to post. Sure it's busy with a 2 1/2 year old and a now 1 year old (I can't believe I can call her that now!!!) But also being
8 1/2 months pregnant now, I'm just plain tired and not very comfortable these days, as one would expect. And to top it off I have all those "things" I'm racing to do before the baby gets here....and not feeling like I'm making much progress in them either. Which some days I don't really care, and some days I just feel frustrated and overwhelmed that I'm not getting them accomplished! And they probably are my petty things I want done, so then I feel crazy for even caring so much! Besides all that we've been swamped with rain and lots of overcast days around here. But hopefully have a break, finally, in it all! So we're also trying to enjoy the outside while we can, since once baby is here I don't know how much I'll really be "doing." So today Emery-Claire turns 13 months old, and unnamed baby girl #3--(yes, we still have no idea what her name will be) is less than 1 month away now, yikes!

Here's our big 13 month old girl today! Looking so big and happy to eat her lunch at the picnic table out back after a break from swimming in the pool. Just like the bath she LOVES the pool, and will just sit and play in there forever! I didn't get a picture today because when I finally grabbed the camera it was lunch and then I took her in, as her arms seem to look a little pink!

Requesting "more"......not the greatest of eaters we have here, but the few select things she is liking she will eat and eat and eat them! It's so cute as she requests "more" with her hands folded like she is praying and says "mu". She is trying to imitate a handful of words these days--mostly using just some sort of approximation, but that is so much more than I remember Reed even attempting to do at 12/13 months old.

Ahhh, having a big brother means you play with cars, trains, trucks......Of course this little musical car is a shape sorter, so not really that boyish. But she loves pushing all of Reed's other cars, trucks and trains she can get her hands on! And the other day (should have got a picture of it) found her with a blue mouth! Apparently, Reed had left a crayon on the floor (I thought I had picked them all up, but obviously missed one) and she had been eating it! Nice blue wax crayon smushed down in the teeth--nice and fun to clean definitely!

One of the favorite foods being fed by daddy.....cheetos!

Yummy picnic lunch!

Reed's fun in the pool....he's such a big boy these days. Continuing to quote books that he is memorizing, which is so cute! And doing really well with the potty training! We're trying to step it up a notch (he was going on his own all the time without anything on) but now I want to work with wearing the underwear and keeping them maybe, just maybe we'll be really close to not having 3 in diaper next month!!
Ok, so here is our "red-neck garden"....yes, laugh if you want too! It is in a baby pool...I know! Since we are in a rental and really didn't even think about it till May, we just thought it'd be easier to put the starter plants in something baby pool it is! But they are growing well and we have a strawberry in full bloom below! So hopefully we'll get some good things out of it!


  1. hey!
    i just saw your comment on our blog! how crazy that we are about to meet our little ones! we are so excited, but like you, not quite ready yet! :) i need every bit of 6 or 7 weeks that i have left.....
    to answer your question, yes, all THREE of my nieces have double names! mary katherine, sarah jane, and martha lee. they live in LEX. and then my husband's sisters are both double, too--anna kay and mary beth! how funny that we have the same name-she just goes by mary beth. so...obviously our families are all about the double names....i say go for it if you have a name that you love! i can't wait to hear and to see pictures of your sweet girl! praying for you...
    mary elizabeth

  2. I think that the baby pool garden is a genius idea! redneck nothing.
    And I think you need to call pampers or huggies or someone in the diaper business and let them know what all is going on at your house.