Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Rainy, Yucky Week

A little tummy time, which has to be watched closely in this house!

oh how we love the brown markers!

This week it's been so not at all seasonal weather up here! It's rained most everyday and been in the 40s---yuck! At least next week we are supposed to have some sunny weather and get back up into the 60s (hopefully we can make our yearly pumpkin patch trip then!) So since we've been couped up so much this week we've tried a few craft activities (but not very successful when one tries to eat crayons/markers/paints...and the other wants his hands wiped immediately once they are dirty). Though he LOVES coloring in the CARS coloring book---but why is it that they always want to use black and brown??? Does anyone know the preschooler fascination with using the dark colored markers which they scribble all over the page/picture and you can't even see the picture that was there to begin with?? Oh well, it is occupying and he loves it, so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

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  1. WK likes to color with yellow or white crayons, and they never show up, which frustrates her. So we have it the other way around!