Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess 3 months old today?!

The many faces of Mary Etta!

How is our sweet girl already 3 months old today??!! She is getting so big, too fast! She is cooing/"talking" like crazy lately! And I think I heard a couple laughs in the past couple weeks too! When I finally have given her some tummy time I think she managed to roll over from her belly to back once now! It's hard to do tummy time around here, she might get trampled on or something. I usually have to put her up and away from little hands! She continues to do great sleeping at night, and has been settling so much easier for naps and bedtime this past month as well. She continues to LOVE we have borrowed a nice fleece one from a friend, and she sleeps so wonderfully in it! She definitely prefers it more than the other two ever did (they were both belly sleepers), but not this little girl!

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  1. holy crap, how in the world could she be 3 months old!!!!!!