Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just like Momma

My mom recently sent me some of the special baby outfits that we (or at least I in particular) wore as a baby---the favorites that she kept! So I thought it'd be fun to try them on Mary Etta. I wish we had a scanner so I could put the picture of me in them side by side to compare. But it is really neat to see how they have held up over the years and I can put some of these special outfits on my girls (or girl.....I wish I would have thought to do this with Emery-Claire too!)
This yellow one-piece was my "coming home" outfit. It looks so sweet and delicate. Since Mary Etta and I weighed about the same at birth (she was 6 lbs., 13 oz. and I was 6 lbs., 10 oz.) and now she is probably 11 lbs., this must have swallowed me as a newborn! Because it fit her perfectly now!
This sweet little dress was one of mom's favorites she said. I love the little bonnet with it! Mom said I wore this at 6 months, and it was just fitting perfectly on our little 3 month old (the bonnet almost was too small). So needless to say I obviously was a very small 6 month old I suppose! Ahh, she is just too cute!
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  1. so sweet to see these on your babies...we'll have to keep this tradition going...i have several other outfits/dresses that I saved in bigger sizes; glad you enjoyed receiving these; the 'oldest' baby outfit in my possession is my baptism outfit, wore when i was in my first month of life; you and your sisters were also baptized in it; it is still in the cedar is nearing 59 years of age. love you, mom

  2. I love to do this too!
    Its such a sweet thing for some reason.
    how fun.

  3. how special!! they are adoreable! i am so impressed your mom can remember so much. i think i have already forgotten what fit langley when!! :)