Sunday, October 11, 2009

A House Divided!

Yeah--the VOLS defeated the DAWGS!!!
Our own personal TN cheerleader!

Intensely watching the game!!!
In our house when Georgia and Tennessee play, we are a "house divided." So it was the girls cheering for the VOLS and the boys cheered for the DAWGS. Usually it can be a stressful day in watching this game, seriously! My husband does not take this day and this game lightly! He was unfortunately not here to watch his beloved DAWGS be defeated by the VOLS--which was probably a good thing! Don't think he chose not to watch it, he was in a wedding and had "picture duty" during the game of course. But the rest of us watched it and had fun, as you can see from the cheering pictures on both sides. So these were our best attempt at the TN/GA fans side by side in their gear....neither one would sit still for barely 5 seconds for a picture; I guess too excited to cheer!
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