Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Weekend...

we enjoyed LOTS of sunshine! Mary Etta LOVED being outside in her exersaucer!
Have been wearing our bunny shirts. The first picture is this year; the 2nd is last has she changed! My girl is getting so big!

Climbing trees at the park with friends! Luke and Reed are in the same class at school (a.k.a. Mom's Day Out). So we met them at the park last Friday for a picnic and some fun play time!
Someone LOVED climbing and sliding......can't tell who that would be???
Riding bikes and having some suckers---thank you Daddy! Reed FINALLY has mastered riding his bike (or tricycle) and actually is peddling--yeah! EC is only sitting on it above, she obviously does not reach the peddles quite yet. And below Reed even rode it briefly down the street when we took a walk. He is so proud!

All 3 munkins riding in the jogger for a family walk---it does hold all 3!

And cheesing it for a photo for mom!
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  1. I love the bunny shirts! And I just got that exact stroller. It's a tank, but I love it and use it every day! I don't know if you remember Katie Watson from camp, but she has a 3 year old and had twins in October. She puts the twins in the stroller and the older one rides up front in what they call the "jump seat"