Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some things we love....

March!!!! Yeah! We are so happy it's March....though up here in the Bluegrass....we won't be surprised if we see more snow--ugh! But at least maybe we'll have some warm days ahead to look forward to and actually some outside play time, how wonderful that would be! By the way, the above picture of Mary Etta she has on the turquoise overalls...those were mine and my sisters when we were little...so cute (and we loved to dress our dolls in them....which was where my mom found them in the doll collection!)
Cute baby girls! Oh I could just eat up those sweet cheeks.....she is so sweet! And I love her in this outfit, that is quickly getting too small......we definitely have a growing girl on our hands!

Hairbows....though we don't keep them in for very long periods of time.....any tricks, suggestions out there????
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  1. Make bows a non-option for your little one.lol. I'm pretty sure I probably tapped mines hand and told them "no" when they tried to take them out. I sure I have messed them up already.lol. Your kiddos are super cute!!

  2. ...re: bow = you could always try super-glue! JK!!!
    little girls & bows were never meant to be, not sure who thought up such a notion (most likely someone who didn't have children).
    love you.

  3. love love the cherry outfit!!! i can't get enough of those for matthew. :)