Thursday, March 18, 2010

This little girl.....

.....turned 8 months old on Tuesday (3/16). She is really developing into her own for sure these days--though I can't really imagine our family without her! Now that EC is about 2 months away from turning 2 (how has it been 2 years already?!!)--this would be when a normal person would begin thinking about another baby in the family---well, we have one, she's just already 8 months old! And a sweet, sweet girl she is! I know this is not our usual 8 month photo....I haven't had a chance to do my "usual" photo shoot, enjoying our beautiful warm weather and all! So I may post later 8 month details, as I'm off to work on more dresses for the girls. I plan was to have them for Easter, doubt that will happen---but at least for spring pictures and matching spring/summer dresses to wear! Hope everyone else is enjoying this wonderful weather!
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  1. Love her!! And I know you made this cute bubble too! Can't wait to see the dresses! I am so amazed!!

  2. this is the best picture! so sweet & captures her sweet're probably going to work above 'overtime' to get those dresses done...the pic you texted with one row done was a good start! you're an incredible mom & woman, so proud of you. love you.