Friday, April 2, 2010

8 months old

It's been well over 2 weeks ago now that our girl turned 8 months old, sigh. I still can't believe we are here; seems like just yesterday we were preparing for Easter with my 10 month old Emmie and Reed and pregnant, and now I have this 8 month old! I wanted just to remember here some fun things she's began doing this past month!

  • officially in 7-8 month weaned the swaddle blanket! I never imagined one of my children LOVING swaddling so much as she has! But we have moved on to sleep sacks, and she really rolls all directions so ends up lots on her belly or side to sleep!
  • she has used a cup! she mostly chews on the spout, but i have seen her hold it and actually drink some water from it. such a big girl!
  • lots and lots of babbling! dada, mama, baba, lala--so fun!
  • had 2 bottom teeth come in!
  • eating so many fruits and veggies, and even some finger foods--love rice mumums, puffs and even tiny bites of bread!
  • sitting up all by herself, and loves playing on the floor with toys

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  1. Georgia loves mum-mums, too! Of course, she won't TOUCH the organic, whole grain, etc.,etc. teething bars I bought her... but she will inhale those mum-mums! :)