Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The hunt

Sunday after church, and after our lunch, we headed over with some friends for an Easter Egg hunt. What I realized maybe 10 minutes into the hunt.....way too much and too long of a day for a not quite 2-year-old, and infant! We were supposed to have dessert after the hunt, but needless to say it was very much time to head home for late afternoon naps! But at least they got to go on an official "egg hunt" besides our many in the house and backyard the past couple weeks! And for next year we definitely need to do one Friday or Saturday BEFORE Easter, so we can enjoy and rest more on Easter.
I think she bucketed a total of 4 or 5 eggs while all the other kids found the rest. She had to stop and look inside each one to take out what was in them. And many had chocolate which was unusual to have such a warm and sunny Easter for us! But it was wonderful!
Reed actually gathered more than his sister!
Someone having her meltdown as the kid group picture was the end of the afternoon for her! So off home we went!
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