Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Before Pictures

So here it is (for my sister who keeps asking for pictures).....I'll post some of the "before" and try to actually take pictures of the "afters" to upload in the next day or so. Problem is some things aren't completely "finished" so it's hard to post something in the half finished form!
So here is the outside with our driveway.....we park & typically enter into the side door under the carport--yay no stairs to climb!
These are are family/play room--unfortunately I didn't really get "true" before pics, I started taking them more when the house was in demolition mode--oh well, at least it's still before to some degree. Notice the very hideous carpet on the stairs that go up into the kitchen from this room, this was all over this room. Tile has been put down and we are still in process of trying to paint, add lighting, etc. in here. We had some water damage so we had to replace studs & drywall on the bottom half of the wall around the room. And back in the corner is a full bath that will be the kids bathroom---we still have to paint & probably will eventually update some, but for now it works & we'll use it as is when we get some tools out of it this weekend! Oh & the best part---see the closet in the back--there are 2 sets of them, the one on the far left has our washer/dryer--yay! No basement to trek down with loads and loads of clothes! I'll take that anyday over having to do laundry in basements the past 6 years!
So as you walk up the stairs you enter into the kitchen--again full demolition mode. All of this was ripped out and floor ripped up, so very brand new kitchen! I never thought that was possible. But it's been so wonderful indeed! We still have some lighting to work out in here but basically this room is done! Looking straight ahead at the fridge is the "old dining" area, it's small so we wanted to use the other side that was more open. So the "old dining" (which still needs painted is going to be craft room---and could serve as a school room in a few years if that is the route we feel led to : )

Formal living room in the front of the house. Right now is painted--I love it! But at this time we don't have much furniture, so we did put all our furniture in the back family room. Currently this room has a collection of all our "other things"---so hopefully this weekend we will get it cleared out and will probably set up Casey's office in here til we can put it elsewhere in the house and/or get more furniture to use it as another living room--great for get togethers or bible studies, etc.
This is one of the 2 bedrooms of the kids upstairs---basically both look the same with the awful wallpaper. There was also some water damage upstairs as well, so once the wallpaper was down we had to have the walls all re-dry it's like new up there! And there is a half bath in between the 2 rooms--again it was all ripped out b/c of water damage & the dry wall redone. It's almost finished, but not quite ready to use. This picture doesn't do it justice but these rooms are probably 3 times bigger than the 2 tiny rooms we had at our rental house---so great for them to have so much more room to play in and spread out! But on the flip side our master is downstairs and is probably on smallest room yet of all 5 houses we've lived in. Our furniture fits so that is all that matters. As I found in our last house with the gigantic bedroom it just became a breeding zone to collect piles and piles of stuff, that was so unorganized! So I'm hoping the less space for us the better--as there is no extra room to put anything that doesn't belong in there! So below here is our room---also had to remove wallpaper and has now been painted. Trying to figure out how to dress the windows still......
More to come soon!


  1. Erica...oh my goodness you all have been working hard! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures. Praying for you all! =D

  2. Erica, this is awesome! I can't WAIT to see the "after" pictures - I bet it looks beautiful!

  3. You are a brave woman! If you ever need a break during the renovating you could always come visit us:) I LOVE the hardwood floors!

  4. FINALLY!!! I have been looking every day. I can't wait to see the updated pictures. This is like having Christmas in January! I love all the surprise. Tell the little ones Aunt Nee-Nee loves them!

  5. WOW! That's is amazing! I just started laughing when I saw the wallpaper in the upstairs bedroom. You'll have that place looking great afterwards!

  6. This is so exciting. It is hard to live in it but the finished product is so worth it. You will love it. Can't wait for a tour.

  7. loving your little house can't wait to see the after and REALLY can't wait to see it in person!