Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Luke 2

So all of December we worked on memorizing the passage of Luke 2: 1-14. Over the past year we've worked on memorizing longer passages of scripture, as Reed has raced through the single verses I had very quickly! Last Christmas I saw another blog where this was done with young children, so I knew I wanted to try for us to do it this year, since we've been doing longer passages the past several months already. He did so good! I know this video doesn't quite do it justice because he was very silly and I had to help him-- as he was saying it very fast---but he basically got all 14 verses; so I'm finally now just posting! And I know this is really exciting for grandparents---probably not so interesting to anyone else : ) FYI: And for some reason I've uploaded multiple times & it still is not in sync with audio & video??!! Does anyone else have this problem with videos?? What am I doing wrong? I made with our photobooth & for some reason it keeps doing this. So no one may really want to watch this except grandparents!


  1. Erica, how old was Reed when you started working on single verses to memorize? What kind of system did you do or did you use a book? I would love any recommendations.

  2. he did a great job & i loved seeing him do this in person along with his singingg!

  3. Hey Erica,
    Can you send me your e-mail address and I'll send you instructions on the photos--might be kinda long so it might be easier to explain in e-mail:)