Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Kitchen

So there is a post below this one with pictures from the upstairs kids' rooms. Now I'm going to post the kitchen/dining area. We still need to get light fixtures, paint the ceiling....I'm still working on organization, so some things are sitting out on counters that I don't want there, etc. etc. (I tried removing alot of it for the pictures :) But for the most part this area is done with the exceptions of those few things and hanging some things on the wall. I do have to say, I LOVE my kitchen! It's the biggest one I've ever had! Of course I don't have a big island.......but maybe down the road we can add that, but for now it's very functional with so much more room! And I had wanted white cabinets and these were a little darker than I thought the "antique white" would be, but I have grown to really like them as well. And I love the paint color---silver sage from Restoration Hardware! I loved it so much we painted in our bedroom too!
So here are the pictures......
This 2nd picture is from our eating area looking through the kitchen into what was the old dining (we are still in process of painting it right now, and it needs a light fixture as well). We have another table and box of art supplies in it serves as art, playdough, puzzle, etc. table. And I think I mentioned before 'could' turn into possible school room in a couple years if that is the path we feel lead too.
Our table/eating area....that doorway goes into the hallway towards our bedroom

Doorway down to the big family/play room

So that is it for now! We are working this weekend on the family room---paint, lighting, etc. Stairs to be carpeted next hopefully I can post those pictures later next week. And of our course our front living room is still a wreck and for now will contain all Casey's office things (until we can finish some space in the basement)--and it so desperately needs organized!!! And our bedroom (and all 3 baths--we haven't touched--except for what we've done in 1/2 bath upstairs)...our still in progress as well. So as we get to these I'll post more pictures!


  1. this is AMAZING!!! im so happy for you all!

  2. Erica! It all looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. you've made a lot more progress since we worked on it the weekend we visited; looks good. love you. mom

  4. jaw the kitchen, floors and paint choices. You and Casey have done a great job!