Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finally! Some Afters!!

Ok so I know quite of few of you have just been in such suspense over these pictures--ha, ha!
So I was wanting all the "little things" finished before taking these pictures....but then I realized that is just going to take time so we will get there eventually but for now this is where we are in a somewhat finished form!

So picture #1--is our refinished hardwood floors---aren't they wonderful! We had them sanded & stained a darker shade. We are loving them! But some of us are a little "nervous" about certain little people scratching them.......oh my....we'll do the best we can to "preserve" them.

Picture #2 is upstairs--Reed & Emery-Claire's room......for now they are sharing still til Mary Etta is a little bigger, when at that time I will have the girls share. EC did get a "big girl bed" upon our move--she had been climbing out of the crib for several months, so we knew it was just time. I just have some sheets and a random blanket on her bed for now....I think closer to both girls birthdays this summer we'll get their matching bedding then, so for now this works.

Picture #3--looking into Reed & EC room from hallway

Picture #4--Reed's side of the room

Picture #5--looking out the door of their room towards Mary Etta's room. In between their rooms is a half bath....that isn't completely finished (it had to be gutted since all knew dry wall had to be put in upstairs) so we are waiting on our plumber to come back and hook up sink and toilet. And the hallway still needs a light fixture and painting finished so I can hang up pictures down through the stairway (and Monday we will have the stairs carpeted...they are a pretty steep set of stairs!)

Picture #6--New big girl bed!

Picture #7--looking into Mary Etta's Room: the green I picked turned out brighter than I wanted....but with the white trim and furniture and pictures up, I think it's not as bad as I initially thought. But we can always repaint if I decide I can't take it anymore!

Picture #8--looking out doorway of Mary Etta's room


  1. I LOVE IT!!! It all turned out so great!

  2. Beautiful Erica! You'll have been busy! Love the kitchen, floors, paint...wouldn't change a thing!

  3. looks great erica! i love your new house!!

  4. Looks pretty awesome!!! I love the paint colors. Can you come redecorate my house?