Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Is.....

"Love is the expression of a relationship based on the object’s need---so the “thing” I need is HIS GRACE ALONE because I have NOTHING to offer! My great need is GRACE!"

On this Valentine's Day this quote from a sermon I listened to this weekend (Jean Larroux from Southwood Presbyterian in Huntsville, AL; sermon "Sola Gratia") has been ringing in my mind these past few days. Which I thought appropriate to share on this Valentine's Day. How thankful I am for the grace I've been given, so much undeserved indeed!

and not that I NEED these beautiful flowers I received from my very sweet husband--I'm just sharing how beautiful they are, as well as the very sweet letter he wrote with them!

We enjoyed baking these heart brownies this morning. It started off as a fun surprise morning--signs ready, plates ready for our breakfast pancakes, goodies left at their place settings on the table.....but of course some sort of nasty bug has been making it's way through our home. Last week it hit Casey pretty hard for several days--but now I was thinking the rest of us were in the clear since he seems more susceptible to these little illnesses. But then last night Reed started running a fever, no appetite, etc. At least no throwing up has occurred, just the other : ) He has been a little more active later today, but still not quite himself, and still not much of an appetite (but the girls have devoured these brownies!) And I'm enjoying them as well Ghirardelli knows how to make them for sure! I haven't quite mastered a homemade one (which I usually would rather do so I know the ingredients I'm putting in them, but at least these don't have too many, and none of the Hydrogenated oils). I'm soaking them in before I start my 21-day cleanse tomorrow--more on that later!

And the best part about today....we got to do a little of this......
It was windy....but we'll take any break in the freezing cold and snow for 20 minutes of fresh air and sunshine! And it's supposed to stay like this all week---man are we ready for spring!!
Just a little sister love---Happy Valentine's Day!

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