Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Growing, growing, growing!

This sweet girl is doing just that! sigh.....she is now 18 months old!! my sweet baby is a true toddler--but she is still such a baby to me!
Though first of all I have to admit it truly is fun to enjoy this sweet (often challenging stage) with this little one. She is making me see how young she really is....but yet lately I've so appreciated & enjoyed her so much as for once having an 18 month old I'm not pregnant or caring for a newborn! First it does make her all the more "fun"! Some fun things she's been doing lately.....

*LOVES singing! She is constantly waving her little pointer finger for us to sing "this little light of mine" and pounds her little fist for another song we sing "Jesus is my firm foundation"
*discovered the word "no".....I'm not quite sure if she "gets" the meaning of it or is always using it intentionally, but it's so cute when she very nasally says a prolonged "noooooo"
*some pretend play with her babies & us---I'm guessing b/c she watches big sister do it all day long! she loves to "feed us" and feed the babies, always wants us to "kiss the baby", etc.
*climbing the stairs in our new house like a PRO! she was scared to come down at first and would cry--but ever since they got carpeted this week, she is now going going down them very easily!
*loves to "talk" on the "phone"--not just real or play ones, but most objects that are rectangle in shape are a "phone" to her as she jabbers away and says "huhwoe" and "bye-bye"
*still is occasionally wakes up during the night or early/early morning; ever since we moved a couple weeks ago she is on and off with this one. i'm sure Miss Sensitive is getting adjusted to her new environment, but boy is this wearing us out! and even if we let her "cry" she just screams up in her room til one of us gets her.
*been joining in lately in our family meal prayer time--she folds her little hands together, and it is the sweetest thing! and loves the "men" at the end! and the singing of the doxology after we pray with a long "awwmen"

Mary Etta you continue to be such a sweet blessing to our family! We sure can't imagine it without you.....we are thankful for your sweet life, praying that God has His hand upon and will draw you to Himself! So that you may never remember a day not knowing Him, and will serve Him all the days of your life!


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  2. You are such a great momma! I wish I lived closer so I could learn from you!!! =D