Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This Friday my baby girl turns 3 years old. 3.......so many things I could say about this new stage. She really is turning into a little girl, and leaving toddler/babyhood behind. I often feel this sweet thing had a brief "baby period" in general as she became a big sister much earlier than most, at a mere 14 months old. But as her and Mary Etta continue to grow, it is truly so sweet to watch their relationship grow and blossom together.

We've been celebrating already......with her "garden party" this past Saturday and still some fun family time later this week. I tried a little photo session this past weekend---though I just did it inside because forget it's the middle of May here, it's freezing! So maybe this weekend we'll try some pics outside as well. But the inside ones turned out pretty cute (or I'm just bias of course!)


  1. your pictures are great! you do not need to use professional photographers; you caught her adorable personality in these cute poses...it is so hard to believe she is already 3! love you

  2. Adorable! She is such a sweet, little girl!