Thursday, May 5, 2011

Embrace the Camera-Thursday May 5th

Happy Mother's Day.......

So in honor of Mother's Day being Sunday, I thought I'd pay tribute to my dear and very wonderful mom! This is the most recent picture we have with her...poor Mary Etta must have blinked as soon as picture was snapped--oh well. We are ever so thankful and blessed to have my sweet mom as apart of our lives. She is always so giving, so self-serving, so sacrificial in all she does for us and how she loves us! I'm so thankful she is always so willing to come drive (practically monthly) to see us and spend time with our children, and they sure do adore her as well! Most of all I am so thankful for her tender heart towards the Lord. She is truly a woman after His own heart, and what a blessing it is to know how she prays for us so fervently and seeks to know and apply His truths to her life. We all love you dearly mom, and I'm so thankful that the Lord ordained you as my mother, such a privilege indeed!

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  1. DITTO!!!! We love u too, mom! The Watson family is so grateful for her love, dedication, and support. Happy Mother's day to u too, Erica! Love u guys!