Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday Party Fun!

So a couple of weeks ago we actually got to celebrate Emery-Claire's 3rd birthday! She loved it! She has continued to talk about her birthday and her party, asking for another one---we have to remind her it's already over and she won't have another one till next year (don't think that really has sunk in yet). So I saw a cute idea about a month or so ago--a garden party. Several cute decorating ideas, a dirt cake with gummy worms, seeds and pots for party favors, decorating sunvisors for on our very rainy day (which rain is good for your garden, right?!) we had a garden themed party---she loved it! And despite the yucky weather that day it all turned out so well! Several friends were sick and out of town, but we still had a handful of guests between a few family members and friends able to come---Emery-Claire loved every minute of it!

All of our "garden" decorations.....butterflies from the ceiling, birthday banner, watering can on the front porch, a dirt cake and lots of fun with friends!

Family photo---Reed was a little overzealous in his smiling as you can see : )
Friends and family singing "happy birthday" to the birthday girl

And she is loving turning 3!!
So excited about these presents......can you tell??!!

Decorating sunvisors

Emery-Claire and her buddy church if you see the backs of their heads you just see mounds of curls side by side

Cousin Brody even made it up to the party--they all loved spending the day together

A picture with Pops

So all in all our day was so fun, and I think this little girl had so much celebrating with friends and family!


  1. it was a great party & we loved being with her to celebrate this special day! love you.

  2. GREAT photos!!! I love the joy all over EC's face. Looks like such a fun, special day:)