Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2 Months

So 2 weeks later I'm now posting Maggie turning 2 months.......

So on Jan. 30th this sweet girl turned 2 months old.....she's growing so fast!! 

Hitting 2 months we had some big milestones that had been happening from 1 month to 2 month. Like first smiles......

We had a bad case of baby acne from 1 month to 2 month--started at around 4 weeks but by the time she turned 2 months--somewhere between 7-8 weeks it seemed to pass thank goodness.

More sweet first smiles, ugh that awful baby acne! Poor Maggie I think she's the only one of all our babies to have it!

Funny by time I was taking her 2 month pictures the baby acne already looks clearer

We had lots of cooing and back and forth cooing this 2nd month fun and sweet! The big kids love she is "talking".

Waiting at our 2 month checkup.....she's a big girl weighing in 11lbs., 6 oz.

Everyday life folks.....when you dress yourself 

Can you tell someone likes the pink candy dress.....and yes this is the hair we have to deal with daily! Wonder if Maggie will have these same curly locks??

 This is what this girl has to deal with daily.....lots of kisses, touches, pats, and love......she is one loved on baby sister!

We love you sweet Maggie Starks! So thankful for these past first 2 months you've blessed us with your sweet little life! Your momma wants to keep you little but I know as I've seen with all the others you will continue to grow and grow, so we all try to savor and soak you in daily! You are just a sweet and happy baby girl!

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