Sunday, February 3, 2013


So baby is 2 months old and I've yet to post anything on this blog of ours since her day of birth! We are still here.....tackling day to day of care for 4 young children. And don't think my camera is lacking photos because there are lots of photos on my fun new camera I got before Maggie was born! Actually too many photos I'm embarrassed to say how many I'm completely overwhelmed to download them onto the computer, edit, delete, etc. all that I need to do to finally delete them off the camera. Every day I see that camera and say "today I'm going to work on it" and then something else takes my focus or my time and then I'm just too tired to think about dealing with it! I have never let my downloading go so long.....I haven't downloaded it since Maggie was 2 weeks old; and now she's 9 hopefully this week I really will get to it! 

Meanwhile here's Maggie at 9 weeks old......from this morning at church just with my phone camera while we were in the parlor room where all the moms take their nursing babies. 

Loving this sweet baby.....and I hear her now! She's so so so sweet and such a joy! We love you little Maggie Starks!


  1. She is precious Erica! Loved the announcement! So glad you all are hanging in there and adjusting to 4!! Many prayers your way for rest and a smooth transition for everyone! xo--Sarah

  2. Precious! One day you will get to those other pictures-no worries