Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome Sweetness....Part 2

Ok finally working on this camera........little by little I'm making my way through editing all these MILLIONS of photos I have on our camera! So wanted to update more on Maggie's arrival.........

So one of the obvious big changes is we went from being a family of 5 (wow that really is a big number); and to now becoming a family of 6, oh my!!!! And of course with so many people it is nearly impossible to capture "the moment" just right......but regardless memories are still made of what reality looks like, having 4 children now 6 years and under!

Party of 6, take 1......
yes.....our sweet baby is in that blanket-ha! if you look close enough you can see the top of her did none of us notice that when taking this photo??......oh well, it's not like it isn't complete chaos trying to take a picture of 4 small children in a TINY hospital not kid friendly!

Party of 6, take 2......
yes here we are at home.......real day to day with 4 small littles!

Party of 6, take 3........
love this....EC hamming it up for the camera; Mary Etta laughing as Maggie screams her head off

and another attempt.....maybe??

and just some sweet ones of the kids loving on their new baby say they've enjoyed her is speaking way too lightly of this big change in their little lives! this sweet baby can't get a break! they are all.over.her!!!! it's sweet, but some days a little more wearing than once worrying if my 20 month old or 14 month were going to hurt the newborn baby.....really at those ages they were clueless and lived in their own worlds! but at 6, 4 1/2 and 3 1/2...oh no, they are all about loving, kissing, holding, talking to this baby 24/7!!!!

Meeting at first sight.....

So excited to meet her new baby sister!

this big brother is smitten! for the boy who soooo wanted a baby brother, he has truly amazed me with his love and affection for sweet Maggie! they are definitely all smitten for sure, but there is something so precious about an adoring and loving big brother! these girls will definitely have a big brother to protect them and watch out for them!

all us girls!! can't believe there are 4 of us! we have outnumbered the boys!

these are two of my favs........the newly BIG SISTER in the family! she is so sweet to Maggie.....wanting to hold her and ALWAYS wants a picture with her! hard to believe my baby girl is now a big sister....since she was the baby longer than any of the others for over 3 years!

and here are just some sweet pictures of M in her first few days......

Momma adoring and loving this sweet baby girl.......

........and soaking it in; for how fast newbornness passes.......because she is growing, growing, growing!


  1. These pictures are amazing! What a sweet baby girl and you look amazing, Erica!

    1. thanks, you're sweet molly! anyone looks great wearing black-ha ; ) hope you are well and i'm sure really ready to meet your sweet new baby! hope you all adjust well and enjoy!