Friday, April 4, 2008

Best Friend

These days Reed has discovered Elmo, yes the Sesame Street character, with the high-pitched and somewhat obnoxious voice. I occasionally let him watch Sesame Street and he LOVES Elmo's World---he giggles and smiles ear to ear when it comes on. It really is pretty cute to watch. In the past week if it's on he has been running up to the tv and pointing and shouting "Mo!" with such excitement and joy! And I have to boast about an exciting happening at our house tonight. Reed is still just imitating and using mostly one-word approximations (yes, I'm the annoying speech therapist mom who analyzes all his speech and language way too closely at times). And mostly he uses just one syllable, occasionally he'll use some 2-syllabel word approximations. Well, tonight as we were eating dinner, and he was having one of his favorites, macaroni and cheese, he used his 'more' sign and the verbal 2 words "more cheese". AND he said it a second time as well! I was very excited to hear him put together 2 words for the first time ever!!!! Yeah! Of course I don't think he realized what he had said, because I'm not for sure I could get him to do it again, it was definitely very spontaneous and out of nowhere. But we were excited to hear him use 2 words together. So maybe here in the near future there will be more of that to come. He really does try and imitate so much these days, and jargons in conversations with so much pitch inflection---it really is sweet to see him try and be telling us something in his little head.
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  1. Cute! WK did that a couple of days ago too. She did the same thing - repeating it again once and then hasn't said it since. She said "Mama, all gone". It was SO CUTE! Isn't it awesome when they make a little milestone and have no idea, but we are standing there with huge wide eyes and giant smiles about to jump up and down and cheer for them. Aaahhh... the nature of being a parent.

  2. Yay for two word "sentences"!!!!!! I know what joy that is, its so exciting to see that little brain working and working and then producing what they are thinking...