Wednesday, April 23, 2008

19 months old today!

Such a daddy's boy! He really will do just about anything for Daddy! I'll have to post some pictures soon of the new play golf set Reed got last week. Casey is so proud and ready to teach him how to play.
Big buddies......Reed loves to give Casey "5," and I love the picture below of them walking from behind--I thought it was so sweet!

I can't believe our little man is 19 months old today! Some days seem to be slow because they are hard and challenging, but then when I think about how fast he is growing and changing everyday, well, it is just too fast!!! I have a video I want to post later with him imitating some words. He is really imitating most things we model for him to say, it's so cute! And he really understands so much too, it's amazing! I guess my time working with delayed little kiddos, I'm amazed to see all that is really typical for little people to understand and comprehend. He follows so many directions and knows what the names of so many objects. When we take walks he just "talks" so much and points to all he sees, you can tell he is just so excited about all he is seeing and learning in the environment around him.
We have a little over 4 weeks away til our little girl will be here, I can't believe it's so close! I'm hoping and praying Reed adjusts to it all well. Thank goodness it will be summer and since we are not going to summer project, Casey will be around alot--so I am very thankful for that!
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  1. Reed is so cute! It is so sweet that he is such a daddy's boy! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. You will love having a little girl too:)

  2. Hey,
    I know this is random, but how was his 18 month check up with all the shots and such?