Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun with the fam

Reed trying to get Brody to chase him.
Listening to a little music, the boys could have sat there and watched the bluegrass band forever!
Watching the horses go by at Keeneland.

This past weekend all the boys in our family (Casey, Uncle Adam, and "soon to be" Uncle Rusty) were all gone to a men's time at Sharptop in Georgia. So all the girls came up to Kentucky for some fun! Reed seemed to have a great time with his cousin, Brody (who is now 9 months old). He really wanted Brody to chase him, as he'd stand right in front of him and laugh, and then run off in hopes that Brody would take part in his game. And of course he always loves bonding with his Gigi. We went out to Keeneland for a little bit on Saturday, though it was pretty windy and chilly. Reed loved seeing the horses, as he calls them "dogs." We all had a good time hanging out and visiting together. I know Reed will be excited to see his Daddy today when he gets home, as will I!!
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