Monday, July 28, 2008

The newly Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Goodsell!

This past weekend was my little baby sis, Sarah's wedding. Can't believe she is a married lady now! But we are so excited for her and Rusty. Above is a picture of her, Jess--our middle sister, and Casey at the reception. Ok, I realized when I got home I was kinda sad that I didn't take very many pictures. And those of you reading this who have known me a long time know I usually am camera nazi! I go crazy taking way too many pictures.....but when you are the bridesmaid, have an almost 2 year-old, a 2-month old who is nursing every 3 hours, and a photographer who took every possible picture and pose you could imagine.....well, how could I fit any time of my own to snap some with my camera! I'm hoping I can buy a few from her if they aren't too outrageously here are some of the rest of the good ones I got from the weekend
Jess, our beautiful bride little Sarah (a.k.a. "Nee-Nee" as we call her), me, and Jen (one of my best friends from college, and was my Matron of Honor at our wedding. We said SJ was missing from this picture and we'd have my bridesmaids here!
Dad, this is a cute picture of you and Deb Casey too look very giddy!
Mr. and Mrs. Goodsell off for their was a surprise to her, but Rusty told Casey they were going to Cancun! So fun; that is where we went too!
We had a bridesmaid luncheon Friday afternoon at the Apple Cake Tea Room in Knoxville. Mine was there too, and it is a yummy place!
Emery-Claire and Aunt "Nee-Nee"---such two pretty girls!
Isn't she lovely??!!!! She was such a beautiful bride!
My sweet husband who looked so handsome in his new suit!
Rusty and Sarah eating their cake....aren't they sooooo adorable! Congrats guys, we love you!!


  1. it looks like a great time was had by all! so fun to have sisters.

  2. Such cute pictures. You look GREAT Erica! No one would believe you just had a baby! What a small world that Laurel was in the wedding! We call her our fourth sister:)

  3. like who the he** has time to post all these pics here on I don't know how you do it. I get tired thinking about it.
    had fun hanging out at your house. now if you would just move beside me, we could do it a lot more often:)

  4. Erica, you and your sisters are all so beautiful!