Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our little gymnast!

Walking on the balance beam all by himself!

Getting ready to do his forward flip on the bars.

The "horsie" as they call it, is so fun to bounce on the trampoline with!

Of course jumping on the trampoline is loads of fun, and the most favorite activity we talk about all week!

Today was the second to last session for Reed's 10 week gymnastics adventure! This was a wonderful Christmas gift from Gigi and Nana this year, and I think he has thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm sure he'll be sad he no longer gets "Tuesday, go to gymnastics" as he asks for it often throughout the week. We've had a great time, with some bumps and bruises along the way--but what else can one expect with a very active and on the go 2 year old boy! Today I brought the camera to try and capture some fun times during his class--both video and pictures. And a perfect day to do so since we were the only ones who showed up, so Ms. Kristy let Reed just play and do all the fun things he loves to do every week!

Here are some videos from today too.....
Above is Reed on the bars doing his "walk up and flip", and below is his cartwheel, with a little added front roll!

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  1. pics & video are great...fun to see him enjoying; let me know if we need to sign him up again! love you, mom/gigi