Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet, dear friends

This week one of my very dear friends was in town for a visit. Kathy and I met right before we both had our first babies, and seemed to connect right from the start. Over the next year and a half we grew closer and would get together for play dates and our weekly bible study. Last April (almost a year ago) she moved, way too far away. I was so sad to loose what had become one of my best friends since college. As far apart as we are we have amazingly remained close and stay in touch weekly. I do miss seeing her and getting to "do" more daily life with her, but I'm still so thankful for her encouraging friendship even if it is miles away over the phone. We had a great visit, despite the chaos of the little people in our lives! It was so good to see her the past few days and I'll look forward to the next time we get to visit again!

We were excited to finally meet sweet baby Isabel. Like their older siblings, Emery-Claire and Isabel are close in age, about 5-5 1/2 months apart.
Kathy thought it would be best to only travel with one little one (and I can totally relate). But Reed enjoyed "Miss Kafy" as he called her. We were sad to miss little Addison, his first little friend.
Little miss enjoying her lunch! Always such a happy girl!
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  1. Hey Erica,
    I just caught up on your blog, and I saw that you have the official sealed envelope. I cannot believe your self-control!!! We didn't find out with either of the boys, and it was fun being surprised. But I was dying to know with Jonah by the end. I'll be anxious to hear the news whenever it comes! Hope Casey is doing well and recovering from the surgery.

  2. yay I am soo excited for y'all! cant wait to meet her!