Thursday, March 12, 2009

Such a big girl!

Well, I loved reading the different opinions of those of you who chose to respond to the last post (but I know ALOT more of you read it and just didn't respond!) If anyone has any thoughts still I'd love to hear them. As of today the envelope is still sealed! Though I almost gave in and gave to Casey last night, as he really is not enjoying the "waiting" as I am.....which really takes the fun out of it when you both aren't on board. So if we can at least keep it "special" for our alone weekend next weekend I figure we've done well. Though I so badly want to wait, but I don't want to make him miserable in agony for another 4 months either. So we'll see how it continues to go.......

Now for my intention of posting, our girl is continuing to grow more and more! We were excited a couple weeks ago at her 9 month appointment that she had gained weight since the 6 month appointment (we were really concerned with her weight and overall slower pace of development due to her decreased weight gain)...but we are up to 16 lbs., 3 oz.--yeah for her! She is still not quite average (10th percentile) but we were glad to know she's making some progress. She loves her bottles but is definitely going to be a much pickier eater than her brother I do believe.

Happy girl posing on the tricycle with Daddy, she is definitely becoming more of a daddy's girl these days....she lights up to see him (and of course her brother too)!
Playing in brother's room as content as ever when she is in there. For some reason she loves his room!
Tried to get a picture of the two of them but Reed just practically jumped right in front of Emery-Claire. He is always very eager to "look at it" when I'm using the camera to take his picture.
So proud of her as she is really trying to crawl so much more, on her belly still, but occasionally she will get on all 4s to move too. Today (and the past several days) she was moving alot more, just all over the floor in whatever room we were in. She even was side sitting here and would move from sitting to crawling, and then back up to sitting again. Since Reed was such an on the go boy I've just been a little more concerned with some of her development, so when I see her doing these things I think I get more excited than I normally would. We love you sweet girl and are so proud of you!
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  1. love her shirt. Im sure you made it. great job. and still super impressed that you all are waiting. that is a true test of temptation.
    there is NO way I could have the answer in front of me and not open it. I know what that says about me.

  2. So excited to hear about sweet Emery-Claire! She is a doll! Such a cutie! I have a gut feeling you might be opening the envelope on your date weekend. :) It would be SO fun to find out at the end though...I say wait!!!