Friday, March 27, 2009

This week.....

It hasn't been too eventful here around the Willis household. Casey is still healing with lots of physical therapy (about 3xs a week) from his knee surgery last week. Some days it seems to fatigue him more than others. I haven't even taken many pictures this week, except for a few today. No reason, just occupied with other things to "get done" I suppose. We had some fun eye conjunctivitis earlier this week, oh that was fun putting drops into Reed's eyes.....what a treat! And I guess I've been occupied trying to finish up some projects...curtains in the dinning room, the curtains for Emery-Claire that I planned to make months ago, but never did since I knew we were moving, and last but not least I'm trying my hand at a smocked dress for EC. At first I was feeling I was way in over my head, but we'll see in the end how it may turn out. Who knows?! It may be the beginning of more, or it may turn out to be the first, and last one! I've definitely had my share of frustrations with it along the way. Now for some cute/fun kid things from this week....

Reed said he wanted to "hug her" and went over to give EC a big hug as she was playing in her exersaucer.
We've officially mastered pulling to stand, oh boy! And if I hadn't reported she is officially crawling all the time on all 4s now, no more army crawl. She started pulling up over the weekend and is doing it all the time this week! She is definitely so proud of herself! Oh and we have a word! Seeing that it seemed forever for Reed to imitate anything, I was very surprised to see this girl imitate so soon...."uh-oh" has been heard alot this week. It's so cute, maybe I can try and capture a video of it.
And last, but not least, our little scripture memory boy. We've been working through some verses (via the ABCs--thanks to my friend Rebekah!) and also on some of the Children's Catechism questions. He seems to love this one.....
Acts 16:31--"Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved!"
I hope it sounds ok, his little voice sounds so sweet saying all the words!


  1. sweet, sweet reed! i love to hear children saying scripture! i hope that casey gets well really fast, especially now that you have two on the move:)

  2. I made two smocked dresses for sp. and that was it! Im so impressed with you and that you like it. I cant wait to see the finished project! now you can make matching dresses for the girls, yay!