Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost to the one year mark.....11 months now!

Fun at bathtime above, and this past weekend at the park was so warm and beautiful and both had a blast!

Here are the typical 11 month posed pics. Though they are not as posed as before, with such a little wiggle worm! But she sure had fun being all over her chair!

Well, one month from today our girl turns the big "1"! It's been way too fast of a year, as it feels like the other day we were still awaiting her arrival. But maybe it's just the deja vu I constantly feel since I'm pregnant again! Anyways, she is definitely busy these days and such a wiggle worm. Some fun new things we've observed......
  • Pulls to standing
  • Cruising, and trying so hard to move from one piece of furniture to another while standing
  • Definitely a talker! We've heard "uh-oh", "dada", "mama", maybe a "hi" with a wave

  • Loves fruit....eating all kinds of fruits in tiny pieces; I think we're finally over the pureed stuff for the most part--yeah! And loves bread! She'll eat veggies, but definitely prefers the other two more.

  • Seems to be very friendly and smiley with most people, not too bad with stranger anxiety; though I felt we experience that more a few months ago, so maybe we're past it. But Reed went through after he turned 1, so I won't be surprised if it shows back up.

  • Loves to be out and about...riding in the car, stroller walks, shopping carts, high chairs at restaurants....she does so well to be along for the ride.

These are the biggest things that come to mind. I still can't believe that in 3 more months she'll be a big sister, wow! She is still just the baby to me! Such a joy and a blessing always to our family. And so sweet and precious to continue to watch her relationship with Reed emerge more and more every day. They do seem to adore one another, and I continue to pray that it will stay that way and they will truly love and care for one another!

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  1. ok in the bath tub picture, she is looking so much more like Reed! not masculine, just resembling him more and more. I cant wait to see what little girl #2 looks like!