Monday, April 27, 2009

The three of us....

This week it's just the 3 of us. Casey had to go take care of some things in Georgia, so since we have a fun upcoming beach trip later next week, well, traveling this week was not appealing. So the next couple days we're on our own, eagerly awaiting his return!
We've managed to keep busy in this nice warm weather we've been having. And I'm sure also entertaining not so many things Daddy would LOVE to see!

Like dumping sand from the sandbox onto the deck, and in our hair, isn't that nice!

While happy girl here enjoys chewing on the puzzle pieces!

She also has been loving her swing that Casey hung up outside for her!

A little "Tiger" in the making; I'd have to ask our "professional" in the family if he has good arm position!

Here are some of how my free moments have been spent lately, more practice in the sewing department! Well, these are not necessarily since Casey has been gone, I've really been so tired I'm sleeping or vegging on the couch when the kids are! These are more from the past several weeks. They are the beginner jobs for sure, so just don't look too closely, as I know there are many mistakes!

Pillowcase dress, which I think I made the armholes not quite deep enough. But on her it still seems to fit ok, so I suppose it works.

Reed's train shirt. Already a favorite, as everytime he sees it he asks to wear it! I told him I would try to make car and airplane shirts too, and he has yet to stop asking when when he gets those!

Some ruffled pants and applique shirt for Emery-Claire. And a bubble, also full of mistakes I know! But being the first, I know that is expected! I have some other fabric that I may try and make 2 girl matching ones for later this summer---gotta start collecting/creating some matching things! So fun to make the girly stuff for sure! And I have more fabric to try and see if I can create another smocked dress--yikes! At least I won't feel so rushed this time, so we'll see how it goes the second time around.


  1. im so jealous of your mad sewing skills...seriously its inspiring and makes me wsant to get a sewing machine!

  2. Wow!! Those are all precious! Way to go. You should be very proud! I have been sewing a bunch, too. My next project will be baby boy daydowns! :)
    Hope you are feeling well! Come down here for a visit and we'll hit up the cute fabric shops! :)

  3. awe-some. so glad you have the time to sew.I need it, argh and its only late at night. enjoy it girl, you are doing a fantastic job!

  4. They all look AWESOME!! You are going to love matching your girls. Way to go on all your sewing.

  5. pics are did well handling the few days alone; impressive seamstress work! love you

  6. I love all the sewing you are doing! I really wish we were close by so that we could play together! All the pics are great!! It had been awhile since I checked in.

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