Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter is coming!

This week I thought we'd try some fun things for Easter, or fun for a 2 1/2 year old that is. We've been "hiding" the plastic eggs almost daily, and yesterday we colored the eggs. Reed was so excited, though I don't think the colors turned out very well, but oh well, the activity itself was exciting to him, and he sat at the table forever while we did them and made Easter cards too!

So proud of his eggs!

Not at all Easter related, but one of our friends gave us some new bows that actually would stay in our minimal here she is first bow in all her glory!

And so excited to be eating her banana!
Here it is.....the smocked dress.......don't zoom in too closely because I'm sure you'll see all my mistakes. But all in all I have to say I am pleased at how it turned out considering it is my first one. And we had pictures made this week, so they turned out pretty cute here is the finished product! I'm now working on some little pants so hopefully those will turn out as well, if so I can post some more. At least I'm having fun doing it all!
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  1. That dress is so adorable! You did such a good job!!

  2. um, dude. you could SO charge for those dresses. that is beautiful. and trust me -- i have seen a LOT of smocked bishops. because i heart them so much. seriuosly? your first one? you rocked this out! nice work, mama.

  3. Love Love Love your dress:) Way to go!!! And love the bow on the one sprig of hair--we so did that with AW since she didn't have hair for forever.

  4. You did an outstanding job on the dress. Both clock-time and 'love-time' went into your effort. I hope you can make more over time and then you can set up a 'home business! (You far exceded my seamtress skills...i made your first summer dress when you were about 18 mos)! love you, mom

  5. You did an incredible job on the dress. Both clock-time and love time went into this effort. You have far exceded my seamtress skills! I made my first dress for you when you were about 18 mos. old and I never did another! love you.

  6. Whoo hoo! The dress looks precious--way to go! I want to learn to smock someday...but for now I am good with the john-johns. :) I am going to learn to do some daygowns and bubbles, though!
    Happy Easter and blessings to you....
    Mary Eliz

  7. Your dress is adoreable! So glad you all had a nice Easter!