Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Easter Pics

In the middle of the table are the flowers my sweet husband, just for no reason other than to be sweet, brought home Friday afternoon....what a fun surprise!

Our silly girl! I can't believe she held these up to her face and I actually caught it on film!
We are all about suckers these days! Thanks Robyn (ha, ha :), it's been that way ever since he got one from you! He still mentions "Robyn and the kids" and how he got a sucker that day!

Happy Easter!!


  1. I am glad I could introduce such a wonderful habit to your son. Please don't tell your dentist--haha!!!
    Love the Easter pics--such a beautiful family.

  2. such a sweet post about steffie. you were/are a fantastic big sister, and such a great example to all of us of how to love.
    the dress is a-mazing. i made two then quit. more power to you, its beautiful and the perfect color for her. I wanted to tell you to go ahead and get some more of the same fabric so that you could make another one for when EC is bigger and when baby #3 is here to wear that one you just made.
    i love the children s place pattern but its confusing, so ask away.
    The bunny glasses are hysterical. I need some of those for my girls.
    and Im so glad to hear that Casey is up and about and buying you flowers. Such a man!