Monday, November 16, 2009

4 Months already?!

Sweet big brother talking to little Mary Etta

How has it been 4 months ago that this sweet little gal joined our family?! I just want to stop and freeze her right where she is, and yet before I know it we will be celebrating her birthday! She is truly a joy and has the sweetest little smile that lights up her entire face whenever you talk to her, it's just so precious! She is beginning to watch her big sister and big brother more lately. I often see these big, round eyes (which I believe are still a shade of blue--a darker blue than the other 2, but at this point still blue) watching closely as her siblings play around her. We seem to be doing better with nursing, she was getting finicky there for awhile (both of our girls seemed to have been this way, not sure why but they have been)..but she seems to be more on track the past couple of weeks---maybe moving from the 3 to 4 month mark (clearly out of the newborn phase now) has helped her. And taking longer naps and eating more 3-4 hours stretches during the day, and definitely 8-9 hours at night (I still have been waking her up at 10/11ish to feed her before I go to bed; though she'd probably be fine if I didn't, but she is just so sweet and sleepy and it seems to be one of her best feedings of the day, and then she quickly drifts back to sleep). She still sleeps in the pack-n-play, in our bathroom. I know! Poor girl.....well, have to tell her stories about her first few months of life sleeping in her parents bathroom, how lovely!?! Hopefully soon she'll be in her own room, as I think I'm gearing up to move the big 2 in the same room, so praying that transition can work out smoothly. Though I still will have to get "creative" with nap time--which probably means EC will sleep in our bathroom in the pack-n-play (so hope that goes well!!) Lots and lots of cooing and "talking" these days, so, so, so sweet at this age for sure! And I do believe we've heard a few laughs this past month as well, not routinely, but occasionally some for sure--also, very, very sweet! I know we are so blessed with this precious baby girl, and so thankful for her life and the privilege it is to be entrusted with her life!

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