Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What we've been up to...

Loving each other......

SEWING! Yes, in all my FREE time with 3 little people, I've been sewing! The above pattern is one mom got me for Christmas last year (along with the cute fabric) and I finally made it for Emery-Claire....I can't believe I did the piping! Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and makes it so cute! I'm thinking I may get it monogrammed too---but just with a "W" of course, so Mary Etta can wear it later as well.

Fun fall pattern ruffle pants and applique shirt! Thanks so much to my dear friend, Emily--who is a fabulous seamstress by the way!, who sent me the coordinating checked fabric to make the ruffle, pockets on the back, and applique...we love this outfit!

These are the applique shirts for the girls to match with more ruffle pants....I'm waiting on more fabric in this pattern to arrive in the mail so I can make them pants to go with their shirts.

One of my friends had one of these "binky bib" (such a great idea for the spitter and attaching the paci to the baby all in one!) So I randomly came home and just thought I'd wing it and try to make my own....considering I had no pattern it turned out pretty well and serves the purpose for our big spitter girl, and keeping her paci close!

Naked girls in diapers!

Making turkey shirts. We made these last year and Reed loved it! A great idea from my friend Rebekah (she was a preschool teacher and always has such cute ideas she does with her 2 girls!) So I thought we'd do it again...was a little messy with the 2 of them (trying to make sure the paint wasn't all over everything, as both were very eager to make their shirt) but I suppose a success since Reed is usually asking to wear this shirt or his Thomas train shirt.
Tummy time!

Hanging out in baby's swing!



  1. way to go on all of your beautiful outfits!!! they look awesome and i am especially impressed that you did piping. i need to be brave and try that sometime. your children are all so cute too!!!

  2. so fun to see the material i gave you sewn into the outfit; it looks every bit as adorable as the one hanging in the fabric section! you are doing a great job with your sewing; it's so good for you to have a relaxing, enjoyable outlet from all the caregiving. turkey shirts, so fun! can't wait to see all of you. love, mom

  3. Your projects look great! You and my mom are my inspiration! One of these days... :) I think you have the same pattern that my mom made for Langley. She made it while I was visiting, so I was watching very closely at the piping part. It looked a little difficult!

    The turkey shirts are so cute! We just had a playdate at our house and we all made turkeys on paper plates. So fun! Unfortunately I didn't take any pics. We sent ours to daddy. :)

    Love you- Sarah