Sunday, November 1, 2009

A fireman, a cheerleader, and a flower

The fireman, flower, and cheerleader!

Our sweet and so happy little flower!

The firefighter to the rescue!!

Loving the candy hunt!

Hope everyone had a fun halloween! It was so fun to see Reed get into it more this year. It was pretty cool up here in the bluegrass, but we still ventured out to some neighbors homes on our street. It was a little busy in this area seeing that UK had a home football game shortly after trick-or-treating began. Reed was so excited to run from house to house, and acquire more and more candy---oh too much to eat for all of us! EC had fun too, but was strapped in the stroller for most of our "walking"...since Mary Etta was exhausted and had fallen asleep Casey stayed back with her while I took the other two out. So needless to say I didn't think I could chase our very eager 3-year-old hunting for more and more candy, and an on-the-loose 17 month-old! She rode along well, until the last 10 minutes or so. So all in all it was a fun evening!


  1. The kids are so cute!! Love their costumes. Mary Etta looks like you!

  2. Love the munchkins all dressed up in their halloween outfits!

    It's so fun to see Emery Claire and Langley starting to say words. I love how many times only mom knows what they are actually trying to say! Langley says meow backward!