Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Little girls

Love hanging out in laundry baskets......

Love having their "dink" (drink) accessible at ALL times--even figured out it sits perfectly in her shopping cart while she shops!

Love to pose for pictures and say "cheese" every time!
Cry often!

I think I'm beginning to see the differences more lately in boys and girls...well, to some degree. I know some of it is a true toddler trend as well. The biggest is how VERBAL she is! Tonight at dinner we heard "I want more"....Reed never would have said this at 17 months old--he was barely putting together 2 words, much less 3 words together! And not to mention things such as "hairbow", "teapot", "baby", etc. etc. Though don't think there isn't lots of cars and trains play time as well; but what else can one expect with an older brother she adores and wants to do exactly what he is doing!

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  1. So cute!! I saw your sister Sarah tonight at a store! Random! I totally recognized her from Waaaay back... it was so fun!!! Her mannerisms and the way she talks is JUST LIKE YOU!!!