Thursday, January 7, 2010

Better late than never

Well, I'm actually posting some of our Christmas pictures finally. I debated (especially now that it's 7 days into January) even bothering posting them, but I'm giving in tonight and doing it anyways. We did still have a sweet time together, despite all our plans thwarted due to sickness and many a travel plans having to change about 3 times. Since we have been home I've been organizing like crazy! I have made a very detailed schedule to really try and implement more order and routine to our day....which with our 3 little ones, I have been feeling for some time I desperately have needed. So all that to say, all my "past-times"....blogging, facebook, sewing, etc. have all been on a very back burner lately. "Training" the children to the more structured time/activities/expectations/etc. throughout the day has also been a little more exhausting. But I know staying consistent will hopefully benefit us all! All that to's a glimpse into our Christmas!
A family picture of all 5 of us! It's rare we get pictures of all 5 of us period, much less a good one. So I was pleased with this one!
Sweet Mary Etta....she did well our 2 nights in Georgia, not so well in Nashville for the NY Conference. It was a little rough on her and me...lots of crying and sleeplessness (which for her means not good eating either--which all around is not good for either of us). I tried as best I could to somewhat keep her routine normal, but I suppose she somehow sensed it was different. Even the first couple days home were rough too, but she seems to have adjusted back now--thank goodness! Though I think more "hunger" is setting in...since she has been waking up some at 5 and 6 we officially started cereal this week. Have I mentioned before I really don't like the baby food stage.....but it's part of it, right? So far she has done well, though about 1/2 of it ends up on her bib!

All the Willis cousins.....sad that this is the first time they've all seen each other since last Christmas! Reed enjoyed playing with them!
A Christmas Eve ride in new Christmas pj's and hot look at lights...they loved this! And you can see how excited Emery-Claire was!
Christmas morning pictures.....we already had "our family Christmas" the weekend before since we thought we were leaving town Monday. But due to all the sickness we stayed put til Christmas morning (when we headed down to Georgia). So we tried at least having some fun family time together (Christmas Eve service at our church, a hot soup meal together when we got home, and the hot chocolate/lights ride).

Reed's first ride in Uncle Chad's jeep! Probably the highlight of his trip!

All the girls minus one with a little sick boy, and one sleeping baby girl!

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