Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching up!

Mary Etta LOVING her toes! She's been looking at them for some time now, but just in the past week started grabbing at them. So fun!

No real excuse of why I haven't posted in awhile.....besides the fact of just the routine, everyday busyness of 3 little people :) So here are a few recent pics of them.......I know that is what you grandparents and aunts and uncles out of town REALLY want to see, right?!!
Playing in mommy's shoes....I guess that is a girl for you! Any time I leave a pair out she finds them and is trying to walk in them...usually tripping over them mostly!

Pushing up more on our belly...while drooling lots in the process!

Just having fun being brother and sister!

Last week we had some very, very dear friends come to town for a visit! It was too short but still we enjoyed our time with them! My friend Kathy, who I know I've mentioned before, came this time (last year she brought name baby Isabel) with sweet Addison. Kathy and I got to know each other while we were pregnant with both Reed and Addison, and realized how much in common we had with one another. April will be 2 years ago that they moved back down closer to their families, and we, or really I, miss her greatly! Though I am still thankful for her friendship even though miles away....
Little buddies.....look back here! So crazy that they are both turning 4 this year! They were just Emery-Claire's age when they moved!

Eating mangos.....after already cutting the mango he found the core and continued to try and eat it!
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  1. such CUTE pics!!! i hope we can have visit one of these days!! :)

  2. Brody loves to look at pics from your blog! He'll look at the pics and name all of his cousins...we're looking forward to your visit! Love you guys!

  3. Hey Erica! I had fun looking at these. Your children are so sweet!