Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quote of the day

No connection to the "quote", just thought this picture was hilarious!

Me: (as we've been working on the Children's catechisms)"Emmie who made you?"
EC: God
Me: What else did God make?
EC: All dings (all things)
Me: Why did God make all things?
EC:I dunna know (I don't know---answer is "For His Glory")


  1. the cereal pic is great...she looks awed by the experience! love the e.c. response....such joy.
    love you, mom

  2. I asked Emmie the catechism questions in the Nursery today after reading your blog - for the last question, she said, "glory!" :) She's learning, you must be a great teacher!!

  3. love it! she is such a good little talker!