Monday, January 18, 2010

Guess who is 6 months old?!

First bites of cereal

Our sweet, sweet girl is half a year old......sigh......I know I can't slow it down, so I try and soak in every moment with her every day that I can with our busy household. She is just growing, growing too! We started rice cereal about 2 weeks ago (she turned 6 months this past Saturday, Jan. 16th)....and eats it soso. I know I now need to try some veggies, but oh the mess, oh the mess! And she's not a super aggressive eater, so I continue to hesitate if she's not as interested as she could be. She has officially left our bathroom--yes, Mary Etta is in her own room--yeah! Pictures to come of the big kids room sharing (lots to report on that later too), and Mary Etta seems to LOVE the crib and is sleeping wonderfully! She is forever addicted to swaddling though. I had to buy the LARGE size blanket--yes, the LARGE! She was busting out of the small/newborn and so I found the bigger size and she won't sleep any other way! The poor girl will want to be swaddled til she's 15 at this rate--such an oddity to me since the other 2 loved their bellies so much. She continues to be so happy and vocal--lots of smiling and laughing at her brother and sister, she loves watching them! And I can tell probably eagerly awaiting to move and follow all they do! She also has been loving her exersaucer, so fun to manipulate all the fun toys on it. She's such a joy and we love having her as apart of our family! We love you sweet girl!

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  1. mary etta is so pretty!! you are doing so awesome with all three little ones so close together!!