Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The snow is here, to stay!

Last week, well after the holidays really, we've dropped down to the 20s and teens.....and it's been snowing like crazy! Today we hit 30s and tomorrow 40s--yeah, warm to us! There were several school closings last week and surrounding counties this week as well. Oh the winter is here......and will be til like April! But we did out go in it for a little last week....though when you ask Reed if he wants to go out and play in what is STILL left on the ground this week, he says...."no, my hands are cold!" He kept loosing his mittens that day and had red, cold hands when we came inside after our maybe 20 minutes of snow play.

My favorite little snowbunnies!
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  1. Erica,
    Such sweet pictures!
    Hope ya'll are all over the sickness at your house...still a runny nose or two here, but I'll take that. :)
    Enjoy those cute babies!!