Monday, July 21, 2008

My sweet boy!

Well, since below EC got her 2 month post, I thought I'd share some of Reed! Here he is in Casey's office....I think a while back I posted how he loves to sit with his Daddy and listen to Mac Powell (Third Day); well he still loves it! He will just sit so still and listen to the music, not moving an inch, which is rare for this active little guy! Casey's taught him to be a little charismatic :) ha, ha, as he raises his hands up when Casey says "let's praise the Lord!"
Reed is loving to dance whenever he hears this picture above he is trying to "snap" his's so cute! And I have to brag about his communication.....he is really trying to say so many 2-words lately, yeah! I've heard things over the past week such as: "Mama juice, hot" (for my coffee), "Mama truck!", "bye truck", "big truck", "uh-oh baby", "more straus" (for strawberry)....and truck is really's still a very hard /k/ sound as she draws out "keruck!"--something like that. But I'm so pleased to see him trying to put more words together.....since he will be 2 years old in 2 months!
Sweet kisses from my favorite boy!
First face plant on the concrete today; yes we were getting out of the car from an errand and of course I told him to wait and what does he do....the opposite (shocking for a toddler, right?!) Falls head down on the concrete sidewalk, ouch! He does have a little raised bump and a scuffed up knee too....he cried but calmed quickly when he got his lunch. I told you the boy loves to eat!
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  1. So cute! In that second picture, I think he looks just like you. I didn't realize you worked at DeSoto too. Funny how so many paths cross that we don't even know:)