Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding weekend

This weekend we had some students get Nana (Casey's mom) and Grant (nephew; Casey's brother's oldest son) came to visit and help with Reed since we had to be gone most of the time with Rehearsal, wedding, etc. Grant is really sweet with Emery-Claire, here he is holding her!
Look at this strong girl, can you believe she's only 7 weeks old!
Casey and Andy Hardin (Andy is now the new campus director for Campus Outreach at Georgetown since Casey is leading the team at UK) with all the Georgetown guys at the wedding.
Reed had a blast with Grant ("Gray" as he calls him)! I think they both enjoyed their weekend together!
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  1. Erica! she is so cute! she resembles reed to me, but they don't look identical. I for some reason thought they looked a lot a like. can you post side by side pictures of them at the same age, so we can all compare, just sometime in all your free time, that I know you are swimming in.