Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reed/Emery-Claire at 8 weeks

My friend, Emily, thought it would be a good comparison to see Reed and Emery-Claire at the same you all can chime in and tell us how much they look alike or don't....
Above is Reed at 8 really is amazing to see though they do look like brother/sister, you can tell a boy vs. a girl

Emery-Claire this week, now 8 weeks old

So what do you all think?


  1. Such cute pictures! I do think that they look alike and you are right, you can totally tell which is a boy and which is a girl. They are both adorable!

  2. I think Reed looks like Mommy and EC looks like Daddy!

  3. ok, other than the EC eye's seeming bigger, I think they look a lot a like. Definitely brother and sister.
    but yes, both are so cute! thanks for satisfying my curiosity....