Monday, July 16, 2012

3 years

Today our baby turns 3 years old......every birthday it's hard not to say how fast the year has passed, yet so much has happened during that year! We've officially potty trained in the past month---or really I should say that she potty trained herself! We bought some new panties, MMs, and jumped right in! Several accidents the first couple days and then boom--it was done. She just constantly got it & ran to the potty herself with no prompting or help---it has been fabulous! Definitely the easiest of all 3, since I feel like I really did hardly no work at all. She continues to adore her brother and sister, and wants to do all they are doing. She has become a big fan of ballet (Bella Dancerella videos), her babies (Green Baby is preferably her favorite that she often wants to take everywhere with her), loves the Lion King, has such the imagination and will tell us these elaborate play scenarios and stories, and wants to do so much all by herself! Happy birthday sweet, sweet are so fun and full of life. You are a precious blessing from the Lord and we are so thankful He placed you in our family. We love you so much!

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